We make a wide range of spring coiling machines

Asahi-Seiki produces a wide range of precision spring forming machines which can produce compression, torsion, and extension springs. We also produce spring grinding equipment and are capable of fabricating any custom equipment you may need to produce your product.

T Series [Torsion & Extension machine]

Ultimate torsion forming machine developed by our leading-edge technology.

The machine is designed to meet all of the spring needs from simple to complex 3-D forming.

iCF Series [Coiling machine]

The latest design concept which offers increased efficiency and cost savings Innovative design throughout entire machine

CFX Series [Coiling machine]

Our standard CNC model offers unparalled production speed and productivity

USF Series [Torsion & Extension machine]

Our Universal forming machines are able to make complicated forms with a minimum number of tools for increased productivity A wide range of product types from torsion to extension springs can be made with ease

AG Series [Spring ends grinder]

Programed automatic down feed system with servomotor