The path of Asahi-Seiki

Company history

Product history

1953 August
Asahi Okuma Arms Co., Ltd.
established with ¥80 million in capital.

1958 December
Began manufacturing automatic presses.

1961 January
Business rights for production and
sales of ammunition received from Toyo Seiki Co., Ltd.,
making us the only Japanese small arms
ammunition maker.

Company name changed to Asahi-Seiki
Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Listed on the 2nd Section of the
Nagoya Stock Exchange Market.

1969 March
Began manufacturing spring forming machines.

1970 May
Began manufacturing coining presses.

1971 November
Began manufacturing automatic assembly and
specialized machines.

1972 December
Began manufacturing tapping units.

1979 January
Began manufacturing airplane parts.

Succeeded in the manufacture of
CNC spring forming machines.

1983 June
Began manufacturing vertical forming machines.

1996 September
ISO 9001 certification obtained for
all production lines (except small arms ammunition).

2000 October
Began manufacturing computer-controlled
spring forming machines.

2002 September
ISO 14001 certified (head office, head office factory)

2002 July
Began manufacturing iTP-60 (press machine).

2003 August
Began manufacturing Transub
(conveyance equipment).

2006 November
Began manufacturing CFX-12
(spring forming machine).

2007 January
Began manufacturing USX-8
(spring forming machine).

Began manufacturing USX-5,
(spring forming machine).

2009 October
Began manufacturing iTP-30
(press machine).

Began manufacturing iCF-08 and iCF-26
(spring forming machines).

2011 November
ISO 9001 certification obtained for the
small arms ammunition section.

JIS Q 9100 certification obtained for the
airplane parts section.

2011 August
Began manufacturing LTP-45 and F3
(press machines).

Began manufacturing T2 (spring forming machine).
Began manufacturing AG-12E
(spring ends grinding machine).

2013 July
Began manufacturing iTP-60W (press machine).

2014 November
Began manufacturing KENOH
(spring ends grinding machine).

2015 June
Development of productivity improvement system
for our spring forming machines.

2016 December
Started operation at Kobe Plant.

2015 May
Began manufacturing AG-5E
(spring ends grinding machine).

Began manufacturing T4
(spring forming machine).

2019 May
Established a representative office in Germany.

2020 March
IATF 16949 certification obtained for the
manufacturing of automotive-related parts.

2021 March
Stopped operation at Kobe Plant.

2019 July
Began manufacturing AG-12HD
(spring ends grinding machine).