President message

Sinji Kamiya

    We continuously support value creation for customers. Asahi-Seiki Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    Director and President Kamiya Shinji

Asahi-Seiki Manufacturing was established in 1953 as a manufacturer of small arms ammunition.
Thereafter, we started to manufacture precision metal components for use in a wide range of fields related to daily life such as automobiles, telecommunications, and consumer electronics, utilizing the mass-production processing technologies we had developed through the manufacture of small arms ammunition.
For many years we have also continued to grow as a comprehensive engineering company, developing machines and systems such as press machines, spring forming machines, automatic assembly machines, and specialized machines to support our customers’ production sites.
Now, with our “ALPHANOMOUS” development vision, we are engaged in the development of machinery with a view to reducing environmental load and accommodating future workforce reductions as well as changes in the way people work. We believe that this vision will not only transform production sites, but also contribute extensively to society through manufacturing.
Asahi-Seiki Manufacturing is committed to ongoing exploration of new manufacturing potential and to supporting continuously our customers in their creation of value.
Thank you.